General Information for Teachers, Parents and Students

  1. Recipients will be selected by a scholarship committee using the parent/student applications and the music teacher recommendations. Scholarship Applications can be downloaded HERE and submitted to education@3rdAveArts.org.
  2. Students who are accepted for the fall semester will be granted a scholarship for the next semester if their teacher recommends it, based on their demonstrated commitment to their studies and attendance at 3rd Ave. Arts concerts. Teacher Renewal Forms can be downloaded HERE and submitted to education@3rdAveArts.org
  3. Parents of scholarship students will receive two complimentary tickets for 3rd Ave. Arts concerts (there are over 25 every year) and are encouraged to bring their children to one or more concerts to reinforce their education. Student tickets are free for all 3rd Ave. Arts concerts. Attendance will be considered upon renewal of scholarships.
  4. At the end of each school year (May 7, 2023 for this school year), students are strongly encouraged to perform in the Musician Maker Concert hosted by 3rd Ave. Arts that will demonstrate the program’s value to the wider community. Teachers are also invited to perform. This concert will be free and open to the public. (Public school teachers and students are exempt from this requirement.)

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