1. Submit a letter of recommendation to education@3rdAveArts.org, specifically explaining why the student is deserving of a scholarship. Be sure to address the student’s:
    • level of commitment
    • musical potential, and financial need
    • amount of scholarship you hope your student will receive (quarter, half, or three-quarter tuition). The student will be responsible for the remaining tuition balance.
  2. Every semester the teacher is required to download and complete the Teacher Renewal Form detailing whether the student has met the requirements for the renewal of the scholarship. Send as an attachment to education@3rdAveArts.org. See DATES for deadlines.
  3. The teacher will communicate with the parents regarding the requirements of accepting the scholarship. The family should understand and agree to the studio policies and be prepared to pay the remaining tuition amount.
  4. Help the student and their family plan to attend at least one concert sponsored by the 3rd Ave. Arts per semester scholarship.
  5. It is the responsibility of the teacher to distribute tickets for the 3rd Ave. Arts concerts to the scholarship families. (Tickets will be mailed to the teachers of scholarship recipients.)
  6. Payments are made from 3rd Ave. Arts to the teacher via direct deposit at the beginning of the semester.

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