CONCEPT: From its inception, 3rd Ave. Arts has been committed to the support of music education. Our Durango Chamber Music Academy was formed 15 years ago as a first step in adding to the resources in the community for developing musicianship skills among young people. The Jean Hagler Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 to supply funding for the education of young musicians. In Fall, 2022, 3rd Ave. Arts created a new scholarship program to bring private music education to students with demonstrated ability and aptitude = 3rd Avenue Musician Makers. 

In its first semester of operation, Musician Makers funded 14 students with an average award of $437 for the semester. 

HOW IT WORKS: Applications are accepted twice per year – August 1 for the fall semester, and December 15 for the winter/spring semester. Students who are accepted for the fall semester will be granted a scholarship for the next semester if their teacher recommends it, based on their demonstrated commitment to their studies. 

Applications can be downloaded from the Musician Makers website, and the completed applications forwarded to Mika Inouye, mikainouye@gmail.com. Applicants should have identified a music teacher willing to accept the student and prepared to support the student’s application. Parents can identify qualified teachers at the website of the 4 Corners Music Teachers Association  https://www.4cmta.org/.


  • Participating parents of scholarship students receive ticket vouchers for 3rd Ave. Arts concerts (there are over 25 every year) and are encouraged to bring their children to one or more concerts to reinforce their education. 
  • At the end of each school year (May 7, 2023 for this school year), both teachers and students will participate in a free Musician Maker Concert hosted by 3rd Ave. Arts that will demonstrate the program’s value to the wider community.


  • 3rd Ave. Arts has changed their ticketing policy so that all its concerts are free to all children and students beginning with the 2022–2023 season. This change is made to increase access to classical music performed by professional musicians. 
  • 3rd Ave. Arts summer camp programs in 2023 (the Chamber Music Academy, the Piano Academy, etc.) will be offered to all students with a 50% scholarship upon request.

Scholarship Awards Process:

  • Scholarship selection will be done by a Scholarship Committee using the application and recommendations from the music teacher selected by the parents / child.
  • Applications are simple and basic – student’s name, teacher’s name, statement of need, amount of annual tuition, requested percentage of scholarship
  • Initial scholarship grants will be made for one year, subject to verification every semester by the teacher that the student is showing up and doing the work
  • Renewal scholarships for subsequent years can be made by oral application from the teacher
  • Typical grant will be for 50% of the year’s fees, but allowance will be made for 75% or 100% grants. Teacher’s judgement will be the critical deciding factor


  • Accountability required from the teacher receiving funds for a scholarship: affirmation that the student is coming for lessons and doing their work needs to be made to the Scholarship Committee after each semester.
  • Payments are made from 3rd Ave. Arts to the teacher via direct deposit on behalf of the student / parent. Half of the scholarship award is paid at the beginning of the first semester, and subsequent payments are made subject to the semester-end affirmation above.

Parent Participation:

  • Parents need to be encouraged by the teachers to bring their children to 3AA concerts. Each participating parent will be given 3 free ticket vouchers per year. Renewal / continuation of scholarship will consider whether the vouchers have been used.
  • The teacher will ask the parent to sign a ‘contract’ for the award that obligates them to a set of responsibilities, especially ensuring that the child comes to lessons and practices at home, and to bring the child to 3rd Ave. Arts concerts during the year.